Sunday, June 19, 2011

"David's Falcon (reworked)" Revised and repainted on top of a traditional airbrush/colored pencil piece I did for my brother back in the 90's. Now it's way better than before I think.  It's a hot rod, tricked out Millenium Falcon.  We used to play RPG Star Wars game way back then.
A porttrait I did for the hell of it.  The sizzlingly hot Mila Kunis!  Photoshop & Bamboo  
"Reroute to Remain"  This was done for a contest on where you were supposed to mix Sci-Fi with Fantasy.  Photoshop and Bamboo tablet before I got my Intuos4
This was done in Photoshop as a portfolio piece right after I upgraded from a Bamboo pen tablet to a Wacom Intuos4


Hello, this is my new blog to share my illustrations.